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Tingloy SMILE Itinerary
« on: May 10, 2016, 06:41:05 PM »
Day 1 - Saturday (We need to be ontime so that we can catch the earliest boat ride to Papaya Tingloy)

0300 - Meetup at JAM Bus Station in Buendia. Board a bus going to Batangas City.
0330 - ETD to Batangas City Grand Terminal
0600 - ETA Batangas City Grand Terminal. Early breakfast.
0700 - Board jeep going to Mabini-Anilao Port.
0800 - ETA Anilao Port. Board boat going to Barangay Papaya via Masasa Beach. If we miss this then we are in a bit of a jam since this is the only boat going directly to Papaya.)
1000 - ETA Barangay Papaya. Load gifts to horses. Proceed to Sitio Capiz (1-2 hours trek)
1200 - ETA Sitio Capiz. Lunch. Start SMILE program
1500 - End SMILE program. Proceed to Masasa Beach
1700 - ETA Masasa Beach. Bonding. Socials.

Day 2 - Sunday

0500 - Wakeup Call. Prepare and eat breakfast.
0700 - Proceed to Tingloy Town Proper. Catch boat to Anilao Port. Last trip is 9AM so we need to move quickly.

Please bring your usual camp gear and lots of extra food and enough drinking water. There are stores in Barangay Papaya if you prefer to buy but items are limited.
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