Author Topic: Mount Sicapoo 3-day IT 2016  (Read 1036 times)

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Mount Sicapoo 3-day IT 2016
« on: March 21, 2016, 01:29:07 PM »

0600 ETD Mang Jimmy house. Secure your packed lunch and double check your gear and provisions.
0630 Start Trek. River crossings up to knee level (March 2016)
1000 ETA Markang Bato. Short rest.
1030 Start trek via steep, open, hot trail to Saulay junction
1200 Lunch along the trail. You must find a shaded area to protect you from the scorching heat.
1300 Continue trek
1700 ETA Saulay campsite. Make camp.
1900 Dinner
2030 Lights out

Day 2
0430 Wake up/ Breakfast/ Packed lunch/ Personal rituals
0630 Start trek to Bubuos peak. Be very careful to trek on the mountain side.
0830 Bubuos peak
0900 Balbalite peak
0930 Pakpako peak
1000 Enter mossy forest. Start of very steep climb. Watch out for thorns and poison ivy
1115 Lunch Along the trail of Mt. Matalidong
1300 Mt. Matalidong peak
1330 ETA Sicapoo Summit; Photo ops
1400 Start trek back to Saulay. Take care. Magsasawa kayo sa puro baba/lusong!!!
1900 ETA Saulay camp. Rest. Dinner.
2030 Lights out

Day 3 (NOTE: I went ahead of the team. I had to arrive early at Mang Jimmy's house so that I can rest and prepare for the long drive back to Manila)

0430 Wake up/ Breakfast, prepare for breakfast, packed lunch
0645 Start trek to Mt. Timarid. Prepare for a very steep descent to Timarid!!!
0730 Start of 60-90 degree steep cardiac climb!!!
0845 Reached Mt. Timarid summit. Rest.
0900 Continue trek to Mt. Simmagaysay
0945 Reached Mt. Simmagaysay summit
1000 Continue trek to tatlong duhat via mossy forest then very hot open trail!!!
1130 Reached tatlong duhat (tatlong lomboy). Rest. Lunch.
1230 Continue trek to one degree plateau
1330 Touchdown one degree plateau. Take photos.
1400 Mang Gagay's house in one degree plateau. Short rest and water stop.
1430 Trek back to Mang Jimmy's house
1440 Mang Jimmy's house. Buy refreshments and relax :)
2030 Long trip back to Manila
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