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Title: SMB Membership, Leadership and Activity Guidelines
Post by: Pinoy Outdoorsman on August 07, 2009, 09:30:15 AM




1. How can I become a member?

•   Register in our website and in our forum . You should agree to the condiitions presented upon registration.
•   Post in the Introduce Yourself Section, participate in our forum (give suggestions, feedback, propose new activities and upcoming climbs, etc.). Participation will also unlock certain features of the forum.
•   Attend the meetings (schedules are announced in the website).
•   Join the activities

2. How can I join climbs and other activities?

You must have the basic gear (trek shoes, trek clothes, backpack and if possible a tent) and must be physically fit (we don’t require a medical certificate but take note that the group will not be responsible if you don’t tell us the truth about your physical condition). You will be required to sign a waiver before joining the activities.

3. Group Administrators, Coordinators and Advisers

Group Administrators - Officer's in charge of the group.

Website Administrator looks over activities in the website and has absolute control overall. The website moderators help in keeping the website clean and orderly and they take over the control of the website in case the website administrator is not available.

Coordinators and Activity Organizers are members who organize (what else hehehe) activities such as climbs, treks, expeditions, trainings, outreach activities, etc. and they are the leaders of the activity being done. It may sound confusing, you might say how can one organize and lead at the same time but looking at it closely you will find out that it’s easier to organize an activity if you lead the group in what to do during the activity you are organizing. This concept also gives opportunity to all members (pioneer, senior or bona-fide member) to become leaders during an event.

Advisers - Pioneer Members and Senior Members are official advisers to bonafide and new members. They provide the necessary trainings and knowlege transfers to members.

4. How can I organize an activity such as a climb, outing or an outreach?

It’s quite easy to organize an activity. You just propose an activity in our website, set a meeting with the group and plan with the group. You can ask help from a fellow member to organize the activity to make it easier.

5. Whom shall I ask if I have questions about the group?

You can ask the web admin, the pioneer members, the senior members and your fellow members or post it in our forum so that everyone can see it and give feedback.

6. In critical situations, such as an emergency in a climb, trek, event involving the whole group, who decides?

As mentioned in item number 3, the Organizer/s of the climb is/are the appointed leader(s) during the time of the climb, trek, event, etc. He/she is the one who does the decision making. Usually the decision is based on the "majority decision" of the group but in emergency situations (risky and compromises the safety of the whole group), the Organizer/s has/have the privilege to decide for the whole group.

7. Do I really need to sign a waiver before an activity?

YES. Mountaineering or any event that is organized by the group should have a corresponding waiver form. This ensures that members are properly informed about the risks involved in such activities. Joining an activity is a voluntary decision and the individual takes full responsibility of his/her actions. The group will not be responsible for any outcome from risks that may arise before, during and after an event. Registration in this website and attendance of meetings also imply that you agree to this (in case a waiver form was unavailable or you did not sign).

8. Am I eligible to join a MAJOR Climb???

If you are a bonafide member, have completed the requirements set by the organizer and attended all pre-requisite training climbs and meetings then you are eligible (PLUS you have the necessary gears for a major climb). If for some reason you fail to meet these requirements (for example you missed a meeting or training climb due to an emergency) the organizer and senior members of the group will decide if you can still join.

Those who do not agree with the above guidelines may and can delete their accounts in this forum and will not be considered to join any activities of the group nor will we consider them as members of SMB Mountaineers.

Thank you.
Title: Re: SMB Membership, Leadership and Activity Guidelines
Post by: Pinoy Outdoorsman on September 27, 2010, 03:45:49 PM
I'm adding the following for our newbie forumers:

You cannot access certain boards in our forum until your status becomes member or bonafide member. Your status will change when you attend the meetings (either pre or post or general meetings). Meeting schedules are announced in the main page and can also be seen in the flash banner under the shoutbox.

Happy climbing :)
Title: Re: SMB Membership, Leadership and Activity Guidelines
Post by: Pinoy Outdoorsman on November 12, 2012, 09:39:47 AM
Updated based on our last meeting.