It started as a group with no name in 2003. The name SMB Mountaineers was conceptualized in 2004 by group of friends who love the great outdoors. SMB stands for Society of Mountaineering Berks (Samahan ng Mountaineering Barkadas in Filipino) and is currently one of the most active Philippine Mountaineering Groups.

The aim of this Philippine mountaineering group is to climb the different mountains of the country and abroad. While engaging ourselves with this sport, we strive to develop camaraderie amongst mountaineers who belong to other groups thus strengthening the bond of mountaineers in the Philippines. We strongly adhere to the principles of “Leave No Trace” and adopt every possible means to protect nature and mother earth.

One of the most important goal of the group is to help our brothers and sisters living in hard to reach areas. We organize outreach activities (dubbed as SMILE – SMB Mountaineers In Live Experience) and we seek to bring them proper help as much as we can. The SMILE project has been a success and future missions are already on their way.

To date SMB is composed of individuals from all walks of life, who love the great outdoors, who are serious in delivering help to others, who are up to the challenges and  rigors of mountaineering, and aim to protect the environment.

Members have undergone Mountaineering Courses.

Come and join us and be part of our growing circle of KABARKADAS! Just register in the forum and join the activities and climbs*! It’s that simple!

See you!

*You must be physically fit to join climbs and have the basic gears 🙂

View our pics HERE. Join the fun and chat with the kabarkadas HERE.

A Brief History of this Philippine Mountaineering Group

by Jimmar D. Lagazo – Website Owner and Pioneer Member)

The year was 2002. I had my first “official” climbing experience when we climbed Mount Banahaw during the Holy Week. It was followed by some minor climbs. In 2003, I again climbed Mount Banahaw and several climbs followed.  I got hooked to climbing!!! My friends came to know this new hobby of mine and they decided to join and they also invited their friends.

It was the year 2004 when we planned a trek to Manalmon but unfortunately  I was down with the flu so the group composed of Len Lozano, Reggie, Janice, Joan, RJ and Aljie went on without me. Lala was unable to join because of work. I lended them my new stove. They boarded a bus to Bulacan and after alighting from the bus they accidentally left my stove. So no more stove. When they were registering, they were asked what the name of the group was. As a joke they wrote Stoveless Mountaineering Berks.  The equivalent acronym – SMB =) So we used the name in the hope that we will change it in the future. A lot of climbs followed and new friends joined us. My officemates Mike, Joel, Blanca, Jesmer, Mark and friends Warren, Jane, Ruth and many more joined several climbs.

In 2005, I started to have the liking of building websites. I built an automotive mechanics website (mekaniko.com – now a motorcycle shop business) and my wife encouraged me to build one for SMB. I was hesitant ‘coz I never liked the name stoveless mountaineering berks =) We came up with Society of Mountaineering…… but what word will fit the letter B??? So I called Janice, RJ and Aljie. Len and Reggie were already in Singapore and I had a hard time calling Lala for she was busy with work (but we knew that we have her full support). We talked about the possible words that will fit the letter’s SMB. After much debating and chatting, we decided to name the group and the website SMB Mountaineers, SMB = Society of Mountaineering Berks (we decided to retain B as in Berks). I liked the name but I wanted the website to be more Filipino so I translated the name into Samahan ng mga Mountaineering Barkadas. I registered the name smbmountaineers.com, had it setup and whalla!


  1. Malou Ramirez says:

    I wanted to join a mountaineering ..

  2. Jonathan Fortin says:

    I Am Jonathan Fortin, from Samsung Electro-Mechanics Philippines (SEMPHIL),. I am the President / Club Coordinator for our Mountaineering Group here in SEMPHIL

    I would like to inquire and qoute for your offered BMC Training Course.

    And what will be your package included in your BMC Training course.

    We are planning to conduct BMC within our company premises for 2 days (not include actual climb activity if you have in your package)

    (Saturday and Sundays) by next month.

    We have target of about 30~40 participants in this event.

    For any question and clarification,please feel to contact me:

    Name: Jonathan Fortin

    Office: Facilities Office

    Company Name: Samsung Electro-Mechanics Phils. Corp.

    Address: Calamba Premier Industrial Park (CPIP), Brgy,. Batino, Calamba City, Laguna.

    Contact No.

    Landline: 049-508-8434

    CP: 0915-451-3848

    E-mail Add: athan.fortin@samsung.com

    Thank you very much and more power.

    • Jim says:

      Hi there sir,

      I’m sorry for the late reply. I sent you an SMS to your cp number. We can further discuss via SMS. Thanks for contacting us 🙂

      God bless!


  3. che cruz says:


    May I know how can I be a member of your group.

    I am interested to join in mountain climbing, discover other places in the Philippines and do some charity work.

    Thank you and hope to hear from you.

    Che Cruz

    • Hi Che,

      Thanks for your inquiry and for dropping-by the site. Pls register in our forum to get started. Once registered we will approve your registration then you can join the fun 🙂

      Meeting schedules and climb schedules are announced in the forum. Pls post in the introduce yourself section and participate in the shout.

      See you soon. God bless!


  4. Jhazz claveria says:

    Hi can i know how to be part of ur group or be a new member of ur group… I already been registered twice but i dont know wat happen.. May be im missing sumthing? Hehehe .. Im really interested in mountain climbing and looking for a group of profesionals to be with and to have fun. 🙂 tnx

    • Hi Jhazz,

      Sorry I just read your comment here. Kindly register at http://smbmountaineers.com/smboards. Please use yahoo mail in the email field. There have been a lot of spammers recently and it’s been hard to monitor registrations 🙂

      Once registered in the forum please wait for an email to activate your account. Once you are able to login to the forum, please participate in the shout and introduce yourself in the introduce yourself section 🙂

      Sorry medyo mabusisi ang registration pero this is to protect the members 🙂

      See you soon.


  5. Jhazz claveria says:

    Hi wanna be part of ur group i dont how? Looking forward to it, i really like and to experience mountain climbing.. Tnx godbless..

  6. Jhazz claveria says:

    Hi Sir Jim,

    I registered na ulit using yahoo account.. Excited na to be part of the group 🙂 thank you.

  7. seige says:

    i already register na po sana po ma activate ko na agad sir. Hilig ko na talaga ang pag akkyat kahit once pa lang ako nakaka akyat kakaibang feeling na. I hope this will be my stepping stone para mkexperience pa ibat ibang bagay

  8. Bryan says:

    Hi, kahit sino po ba pwedeng sumali dito?

    • Hi Bryan,

      As long as you love nature and hiking/climbing you may join. Please visit our forum and register. We announce meeting schedules and I encourage you to attend so that we can mingle and get to know you.

      Thank you for visiting the site.


  9. Ranil guarino says:

    Hi sir im neil and im a project coordinator for a training involving the mountain/jungle trail guides if underground river in palawan. May you pls contact me at my number 09275824757 as soon as possible so we can discuss about possible training. Tnx

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