Maynoba Fun Climb 2016 – Happy 12th Anniversary SMB!!!

SMB Mountaineers has turned 12 and we decided to do an overnight fun climb. We chose Maynoba for its proximity. The climb was a blast with heavy downpour, muddy and slippy trail, loud thunders and oftentimes nerve-wracking lightning. Our socials during the night was unhampered by the cold wind and strong rain.

For those who are planning to climb Maynoba especially this rainy season, make sure your gears are waterproof and that you are up to the challenge of going up and down steep slippery trails. The waterfalls (8 in all) along the way back to the jump-off are great but if it rains continuously then better not force your team to take the river trail. It would be wiser and safer to go down where you climbed.

Climbing Maynoba during the summer season will be a challenge due to the open trails and campsites. Worth mentioning is that the nearest water source from Camp 1 is a kilometer away passing-by camp 2 and 3 and going down a steep trail. Do not expect the guides to fetch water for you. Before the climb they will instruct you to bring enough water for your consumption. So better start your climb very early if you want to avoid the searing heat of the sun.

Another thing which is pretty much confusing is the so-called “Maynoba Summit”. The true summit of Maynoba is Camp 3 which is at around 780masl. The summit claimed by the guides where there is a signage is only at around 710masl. The reason they made it as the summit is because of the view (really that is their reason) but we all know that the summit is the highest point of a mountain 🙂 So Camp 3 is the highest point of Maynoba 🙂

Overall this was another great climb and the bonding moments were fun, emotional, full of laughter and full of revelations. Thanks SMBerks for making this climb a memorable one 🙂 ‘Till our next climb.

God bless!

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