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Mount Mantalingahan: The conclusion of the Knife-edge Trilogy

“Mount Mantalingahan will bring out years of experience in trekking. This mountain has one of the most difficult trails. You need to prepare well to complete this trek.”

In 2014 we completed the Halcon Climb.

In 2017 we completed the Guiting-Guiting Dayhike Traverse.

Last March 2-6, 2018, we completed the Mount Mantalingahan Traverse.

The Mount Mantalingahan Traverse was a one-year in-the-making trek for us. We had this mountain on our radars for a long time. Mark and Rhian wanted to complete the Knife-edge Trilogy. In my 15 years of mountaineering I wanted to add another new mountain to my complete-list.

Overall the trek to Mount Mantalingahan Peak was superb, hard and surprising. 80% of the terrain was really challenging. It is highly recommended that no night treks must be done. The trails during our trek were really not for night trekking.

On our first night we stayed in the house of Bulldog. Second night we chilled in Cabugan campsite. Third night we stayed in Paray-paray campsite. Fourth night we stayed in Pira-pira campsite. Our summit climb was cold, chilling and foggy. No clearing for us on the way up. On the way down there was a short clearing and it renewed our energy. Our guides had to collect Rattan Shoots for us to have an extra food source. We had lots of rice but we ran low on viands.

Our arrival in Brooke’s point surprised the store-keeper. He told us we were very slow in doing the traverse. Our guide then explained “Hindi sila nag-apura pero ambibilis nila maglakad mula sa isang campsite papunta sa susunod!!!” I just smiled at the store-keeper. I wanted to tell him that we were not in a hurry and we wanted to enjoy and immerse on what Mount Mantalingahan had to offer but there was no point. For me what was important was that we made it all…. the four of us…. safe and sound.

Overall we had fun and we enjoyed the Mount Mantalingahan traverse even if the terrain was very challenging.

Our adventure in Brooke’s Point that night was for the books hehehe

Thanks and Congratulations to my companions Mark, Rhian and Arnel. We made it! Now to plan for the next multi-day trek. Where will it be?

God bless!