Thanks for another successful SMILE

Last July 2-3, 2011, our friends from Viajeros and SMB Mountaineers organized and conducted an outreach (dubbed as STOP and SMILE) to the students of Apia in Kalawis Antipolo Rizal. More than 200 students recieved gifts, school supplies, food and participated in the games.

Our deepest thank you to those who supported and sponsored this event.

To God be the Glory!!!

God bless! Till our next SMILE :)


The Group

The team and the students

FunFoodGiftsand more

Images that we will remember forever. Go SMB!!!

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Sitio Kinabuan Medical Outreach and Gift Giving 2011

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Last May 28, 2011, SMB Mountaineers and Friends conducted an outreach in Sitio Kinabuan Elementary School. This was also a birthday activity of SIr Mightymike and Mam Connie. There were 38 mountaineers/volunteers who helped in the activity who distributed food and medicine, and almost 50 Dumagat households attended the event. The Dumagat families were very energetic and happy despite the rain.

Medicines Gifts Gift-giving Team with the DumagatsDumagat Dumagat Households Kinabuan Falls Mataas na Talon

The team camped along the vicinity of the school and spent the night there. The team also visited the nearby Kinabuan Falls.

The next day the team trekked to  "Mataas na Talon" which according to the Chieftain is not frequently visited by outsiders due to the distance and difficult trail. It was a privilege that our group was among the few who could visit the place. The team had a challenging time managing the slippery, muddy, mossy, rocky and wet path to the falls. Majority of the path was along the river. Ropes were setup in some parts of the trail so that the team could climb safely.

"Mataas na Talon" or "High Falls" was a sight to see. It deserved its name. The basin was not deep, just enough to take a dip. The team had a great time.

We would like to thank everyone who helped make this outreach a successful one. To the organizers Sir Mightymike and Mam Gladys, to our Doctor and nurses, to our mountaineering friends and to the members of SMB, thanks a bunch!!!

To God Whose Kindness is beyond compare, Who keeps us safe always, THE GLORY IS ALL YOURS!!! PRAISE YOU FOREVER AND EVER!!!

'Till our next SMILE/OUTREACH.

God bless us all!


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Thanks for a fun-filled and successful SMILE!!!

 SMILE 2010
SMILE pics here!!! Camping (Burma Loop Bridge Crossing and Zipline) pics here!!! Enjoy!!!

Project S.M.I.L.E. - The 2009 SMB Christmas Outreach

Everyone was excited and at last the day of the Christmas SMILE came. SMBerks went to Villa Maria Aeta Relocation Village in Porac Pampanga last December 12, 2009 to extend the Christmas Spirit to the people living there.

The event was graced by more than 200 Aeta children plus their parents and teachers as well as spectators. Game after game, dance after dance, song after song and gift-giving after gift-giving, everyone had fun and enjoyed every moment of the event. The pictures will tell the rest of the story (link below).

The whole group atthe end of the SMILE

SMB Mountaineers, its Pioneer, Senior and Bonafide members would like to thank the following who shared their financial blessings. Their help and support really boosted the spirits of everyone and made the Project SMILE Christmas 2009 Outreach a success!!!

  • Mr. and Mrs. Temy and Grace Tomol and their daughter Jaeva of Toronto Ontario Canada
  • Mr. and Mrs. Aljie (spitfire) and Ivy (bayo) Garcia and their baby daughter Bimbim of Vietnam - Spitfire is a SMB Pioneer Member
  • Ms. Tess Tarife Medina of RMD/STANDARD INSURANCE
  • Mr. Vincent Gutierrez - SMB Senior Member
  • Mr. Ronaldrei Declarador - SMB Senior Member
  • Ms. Roladelle (Lalagu) Bargas - SMB Pioneer Member and Admin
  • Mr. Reginald Tan - SMB Pioneer Member
  • Mrs. Lualhati Lagazo of Calaca Batangas
  • Mr. Ronaldo Sulapas - SMB Senior Member
  • Mr. Sab Ergo - SMB Bonafide Member
  • Mr. Mike Agustin - SMB Senior Member
  • Mr. John Bareng - SMB Bonafide Member

Of course thanks to the SMBerks who helped in the preparations, buying of gifts, transportation, budgeting, prayers, etc. Where will the SMILE be without you guys?!?!?!  Because of you the SMILE and SMB itself has become a success story. You rock!!!

Till next SMILE J God bless to all!!!


Praises and thanks to You Lord for everything! We love You!!!


Click HERE to see more pictures. Thank to Sir Harrie Milan for manning my camera :)


Here are some videos of the event:

Project S.M.I.L.E. - The 2008 SMB Christmas Outreach

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December 6, 2008
Sitio Target, Sapang Bato
Angeles City, Pampanga

The road to Sapang Bato was arid and dusty. It was a surprisingly clear Saturday morning - the last few days the weather was rather dark and gloomy. If it was any indication of things to come, it would be another sunny day for the SMB  Mountaineers.

Prepping our backpacks and tagging along a load of donated stuff, necessities, and a good sound system - we headed towards Sapang Bato, a remote Aeta relocation site in Angeles City for SMB's Christmas outreach and our very first SMILE project. The SMILE program - an acronym for SMB Mountaineers In Live Experience - is a project that aims to expose SMB members to actual living conditions in our contryside. As a staunch advocate of responsible mountaineering, we strive to instill not only an awareness of environmental issues to our members, but also a sense of social responsibility by supporting various grassroots development projects such as outreaches, clean up drives, tree planting activities and medical missions across the country.

Sitio Target in Sapang Bato is your typical rural village; a cluster of around 150 Aeta families living together in a tightly knit community. We decided to counduct an outreach program for the village's elementary school pupils. After all, Christmas is all about the kids isn't it?

After a few hours drive - and getting lost along the way (admin wrote: they were the only ones who got lost hehehe) - we finally reached the village. After setting up our things and assembling the close to a hundred kids there waiting for us, we started our short program. There were a lot of games and prizes and the kids obviously enjoyed every minute of it. They just couldn't get enough.

After countless rounds of bring me's and intermission numbers, we had to settle down for lunch. It was then that it occurred to us - the whole Sitio was there. Bringing plates and containers of their own, the villagers came in droves to partake of the feast. It was one big community event. We were later told by the school supervisor that this was the first time an outreach christmas party was held in the village. Mothers with their kids, old folks, men with their farm produce, even the tribe chieftain in his bahag - all went to take part and witness the program.

Aeta kids playing games with SMB

SMB peeps and the aeta kids having fun playing games

Kids attentively listening

Aeta kids awaiting for something. Their school building in the background

Aeta children in nursery

Nursery level Aeta pupils enjoying their lunch

After lunch we gathered the kids around once more to give them our gifts - stuff that we managed to put together through the help of our friends and generous benefactors. We gave each of the pupils a pair of slippers and a kit of toiletries. We gave the school a complete set of cleaning materials and a whole set of children's books from WS Pacific for their library (admin wrote: thank you very much WS Pacific for supporting the outreach. God bless!). Then we broke them our surprise - we were giving them the brand new sound system we brought so they have one to use for school activities.

The future aeta divas

These children really know how to sing..... with their whole heart

Books from WS Pacific

The author presenting the books from WS Pacific

Aeta children and parents look on as we present the gifts

The whole crowd erupted in applause. You could see from their faces how happy they were. The kids gave us a song number as a token of their gratitude - they even did an impromptu katutubo dance to show us their appreciation. Everybody was ecstatic. Even their amateur singing champion gave us her rendition of an Aegis medley, and the whole throng egged on her to sing more. It was like an instant barrio fiesta.

Then it struck me. There is a lot more to this village than what we came here for. This is a community that is proud of who they are, and what they do. They sing songs of Aeta culture, of their being colored. They embrace a life of simple joys, and take pleasure in things which we urban dwellers consider mundane.

I was smiling as I was packing up the last of the books. Truly, these people have helped us more than we have helped them. Through Sapang Bato we come to understand that indeed, the real beauty of life lies in our ability to see through the heart, things which we could not see through our eyes.

SMB Peeps with the teachers

SMB Peeps with the teachers (L-R): Mike, Eddie, Mike, Ronald, Ed, Connie, Izzy, Caloy, Bongski, Leo, Odhie, Jhiengle, Vincent, Nhelle, Mightymike. Rona, Dorothy, Riz, Jovy, Ma'am Neri, Monty, Lala, Sir Noelle, Sir Alex and Nemuel (kid who suddenly joined the group picture hehehe

Ayaw pa umalis :)

After the outreach, SMB peeps still don't want to pack up =)

As we were leaving the school grounds I could not help but be nostalgic. Our first SMILE project was a big success, and somehow I hope my fellow mountaineers felt much the same way.

I never really liked Aegis, but I was humming along to Bakit all the way back home. And I loved it.


Pics to be uploaded soon. For videos click HERE (YouTube link)