Padre Burgos Quezon 2011

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The group decided to have an outing last February 26-27, 2011 in Padre Burgos, Quezon. We were excited since most of us have never been to Padre Burgos. We heard of tales of white sand beaches, calm seas and encounters with wild creatures from other friends who already visited this place, so we were getting more and more excited as the date drew close.

 DAY 1 - February 26, 2011 Saturday (Travel, Campsite, Puting Buhangin/Kwebang Lampas)

To reach Padre Burgos you need to board a bus bound for Lucena Grand Terminal (a 3 to 4 hour trip from Manila, depending on traffic conditions) as what our other SMBerks did (we shall call then the Public Transport Group (PubTG) in this blog hehehe. They boarded a JAC Liner Bus from Kamias around 3:30AM(fare 218 pesos). Some of us had our own transportation (we shall call them the Private Transport Group (PrivTG)). We converged in Grand Terminal around 7:30 AM (for us PrivTG, we arrived an hour earlier). From Lucena, the PubTG peeps boarded a bus going to Unisan. They alighted in front of the QCRB Bank in Padre Burgos. Travel time took around 45 minutes. The PrivTG peeps arrived in Padre Burgos 10 to 15 minutes earlier. Mang Orong, our contact was waiting for us.

There is a small public market in Padre Burgos. We bought our drinking water and the ingredients for our dinner there. There are several small restaurants so we ate our breakfast and bought our packed lunch. After securing everything that we needed we then proceeded to the small port which was 5 minutes away, where our two bancas were waiting for us. We were 21 peeps so we divided ourselves into two groups. First stop, our campsite, Mang Orong's place.

Mang Orong's Beach Front

Mang Orong's Beach Front - Our Campsite 

Mang Orong's place is a beachfront owned by a certain doctor living in Laguna. Several coconut trees and kamoteng kahoy were present near the beach, a great place to camp overnight. There was also Mang Orong's house, a CR and a nearby water source (public well). It was perfect! We were to proceed to Kwebang Lampas/Puting Buhangin. We needed to bring our packed lunch with us for it was already 11AM and it will take almost an hour to reach Kwebang Lampas. The banca ride was smooth but we had our moments when big waves rocked us causing Dorothy and Odhie to shriek hehehe. After an hour we reached Kwebang Lampas/Puting Buhangin and it really lived up to its name. The sand was white and the cave had an entrance from the beach and an exit to the sea thus the name LAMPAS. We digged-in with our packed lunch as obviously everyone was hungry. The cavite peeps on the other hand opened a bottle of brandy and had their happy happy moments. I did not even see them eat lunch!!! After a short siesta, we started to explore. Leo who brought his snorkle explored the waters. He had a close encounter with a "walo-walo" or sea snake, almost colliding with it head-to-head!!! Luckily the walo-walo was in its good mood and left Leo unharmed. The rest of us enjoyed swimming, exploring the cave and taking pictures. After 3 hours of stay in Puting Buhangin, we paid the entrance fee of 50 pesos per head and proceeded back to our campsite.

Kwebang Lampas Puting Buhangin Beach

The white sand beach (Puting Buhangin). Kwebang Lampas far left. 

Inside Kwebang Lampas

Cavite peeps enjoying their time inside the cave (or tunnel rather)

Inside the cave

This is what it looks like inside Kwebang Lampas

The cave exit to the sea

The cave exits to the sea

Back in our campsite the wind started to build up. We had a difficult time pitching our tents.  When I looked at the stakes that I brought they were the wrong type. I left my thick groundhog stakes at home which would have been perfect for the sandy ground. My wife insisted that we transfer to another place but I really liked the place I picked so she had no choice but to assist me in pitching our tent with the wrong kind of stakes (pegs). Remembering an outdoor book I read somewhere, I started to dig and eventually about 3 inches deep the ground was solid so I was able to firmly stake our tent. I had to place stones on top of the pegs so that I can easily retrieve them if they get covered with sand.

Our ka-berks JomC and Jingle bade goodbye to us as they needed to go back to Manila early. They already miss their baby daughter. This was their last opportunity (hopefully not the final one) that they will be joining the group in our adventures as they are going to live abroad. WE WILL MISS YOU GUYS!!! 

After fixing camp we started to cook dinner and socials started. To make the story short we had a really fun time with our socials! Around 10PM most of us called it a night. The cool wind invited us to go to sleep early.

Early Socials

Team enjoying the early socials

DAY 2 - February 27, 2011 Sunday (Dampalitan, Borawan, Go Home)

We visited Dampalitan Beach (entrance fee 20 pesos). It was near Mang Orong's place so the boat trip was not "ass-hurting" compared to the trip to Puting Buhangin. We thought we could swim in Dampalitan but the calm water revealed unpleasant creatures below our feet. I for one was able to spot a sea urchin. I don't like sea urchins but I want to eat one hehehe. Stepping on one is really an unpleasant experience as this is what I heard from friends who had that encounter . Leo and I warned our ka-berks about the sea urchin and they too did not swim anymore. The cavite peeps leaned on to drinking the Jose Cuervo and bought another bottle of brandy. Most of us were content to rest on the beach and take pictures. This was the peaceful time during our trip. Around noon we proceeded to Borawan.




Just chillin' it out in Dampalitan

Borawan is near from Dampalitan so again the trip was not "butt-cracking". We saw the cavite peeps suiting up to jump off their banca far from Borawan shore. We eagerly looked as they jumped one-by-one. They had a great time from the look in their faces which were already red due to sun burn and alcohol hehehe. We now had a chance to swim. There was a big rock where we took turns jumping-off from it and plunging into the water. The pictures will reveal how much we enjoyed our time in Borawan. After an hour of staying there we decided to go back to camp. Most of us agreed to jump-off far from our campsite shore. It was a pleasant experience, feeling as we survived from a shipwreck.




The Cavite peeps jumped-off too far from the shore Laughing


We enjoyed jumping to the sea!!!

After experiencing a sudden build-up of wind and rain, around 3PM we bade goodbye to Mang Orong's place and went back to the small port. The PubTG peeps waited for a bus to take them to Grand Terminal. The PrivTG peeps went directly (except for me and my passengers as we needed to return the water gallons that we used). I lost my sense of direction going back to Grand Terminal as I took the road going to Lucena proper (heavy traffic and confusing streets), so we were the last to arrive in Grand Terminal. From there we parted ways. We look forward to another time that we can visit Padre Burgos again. Most of us were talking about a possible SMILE in the area, specifically in Mang Orong's place since there is a school there. We hope this will materialize.

Thanks to everyone who joined! Looking forward to another great weekend outing with you guys. Hopefully those who were unable to join can come next time. Till our next adventure! God bless!!!

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