Malasya-Uyungan (Two part SMILE) – SMILE 2015

We conducted an ocular last June 6, 2015 to see the condition of the school as well as the road and trail that we were to take come SMILE day. We had a bit of surprise when we visited the place. The road from Mascap to Puray was very steep that only all wheel drive vehicles or motorcycles can manage to climb. We were very blessed that it was not raining else our experience would have gone from exciting to extreme. Fortunately our vehicle was capable enough and we were able to reach Malasya-Uyungan Elementary School safe and sound.


Last October 17, we proceeded to Calawis. We had to take another route because the road in Puray was badly damaged due to past typhoons. When we arrived in Calawis, the weather was turning but still we wanted to push since the children were waiting for us. According to Teacher Aldrine, the trail going to the school was still manageable. Me, Carlo, Dorothy and Teacher Aldrine went ahead via pickup to Apiya with some of the gifts. We had to assess the situation since safety was our priority. We had too many close calls on our way to Apiya. The road was already muddy with deep canals and potholes which were difficult to manage due to the rain. When we arrived in the first store in Apiya, we were advised by the locals not to proceed anymore even by foot. According to them there are several water crossings and will be difficult (not to mention dangerous) to cross when the rain gets stronger. We decided to endorse the gifts to Teacher Aldrine. We agreed to return to complete the outreach.


We kept our commitment to complete the SMILE. Last Nov. 28, we hiked from Calawis to Malasya-Uyungan with high hopes that we will complete the SMILE at last. It was almost a 4 hour hike with several river crossings and steep climbs. When we reached the school, the children were already there eagerly waiting. We had a fun time with them. We were able to setup the school’s request for a solar generator so that they will have light during the rainy days. Thank God we were blessed with great weather so we were able to complete the SMILE at last 🙂

We would like to thank our sponsors and to all who supported this SMILE. We would not have accomplished this without you.

Praise and thanks be to God for everything.

‘Till our next SMILE. God bless!

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